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Genesis Chapter 10 gives the descendants of the nations which came from Noah. GOD gave the order of the nations which formed on the earth. He gave this order in Chapter 10, then in Chapter 11 GOD goes back to explain how it came about. Most writers often do that today to completely explain what they want to say.

Chapter 11, NOW THE EARTH WAS OF ONE LANGUAGE AND AS THEY TRAVELED FROM THE EAST THEY FOUND A PLAIN (VALLEY) IN THE LAND OF SHINAR AND SETTLED THERE. They began to build a city and then their human nature they inherited from Satan came out. They wanted to do everything themselves which included making their own way into heaven. Isn’t it amazing that people’s desire is the same today as it was back then? We want to do it ourselves. GOD saw that and came down and put a stop to it by changing their language, which caused them to separate one from another and form nations over the earth. That city they built was called Babel where GOD confused their languages.


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