Laymen’s Corner


Abram and Lot have left Egypt with great herds and riches and went back to the land of Canaan. They went back to Bethel where Abram had built an altar and called upon GOD. Both Abram and Lot had great herds and riches, so the land did not have enough grass to feed them all. The herdsmen of each one fought over the land for the herds. Then Abram said to Lot, we are brothers and should not fight over this land. Let’s separate and go our ways to different pastures. Abram told Lot to choose which way he would go to the right or left, “then I will go the other way.” The choice Lot made is important because we see eyesight versus faith. Lot “saw” the land in the valley which was green with grass and had plenty of water, so he chose that way. Abram went the other way, believing GOD would take care of his herds and family. Lot did not seem to care that the people in the place he chose were wicked above measure. Later he would learn what the penalty was for that decision.


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