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Chapter five of Genesis gives the blood line from Adam to Noah. There were probably several million people on the earth at the time Noah started building the ark. The Bible only gives us the names of the men in that line so we can trace our blood line all the way back to Adam. Ref. Luke 3:23. By this record we see how we all did in fact come from Adam. The men listed in this line all walked with GOD or called upon His Name. That tells us that Christians (righteous) people are noticed (used) by GOD to accomplish His plan. Anyone else GOD uses always comes to judgment when his purpose is finished. GOD saw how evil people could get in their lifetime of just under 1000 years and knew if He allowed them to advance to this age and time, how evil could they get today living 900+ years? We should remember that all living creatures are kept alive by a measure of GOD’S spirit. That spirit belongs to Him. He is not doing anything wrong when he takes a life. That spirit goes back to Him. If my understanding is correct, GOD always waits until all hope is exhausted for anyone to be saved before He takes them out of this world. If GOD had not caused the flood, millions of children would have been born only to go into the fire.
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