Three Rights Make a Left

Submitted by WILLIE HOLT

Really listening to someone else speak and understand what they say may be becoming harder and harder for us to do. Listening  akes effort and determination and wanting to hear what they say. We have so many distractions andthings to think about today that we often had rather speak than listen to someone else. Our desire to just relax and listen seems to be less than in times past. A Christian who is a good listener is a great blessing to others, because so many people need to talk about their troubles to someone and very few people are willing to listen. Listening can be considered a type ofart for some because they  can listen with feeling and compassion for the other person and promote trust and confidence for themselves. Too often, many of us want to talk ourselves. Sometimes, we can’t wait for the other person to stop talking so we can start. Talking is much easier than listening. Very often other people can tell just how we can rattle on without actually saying anything important.  

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